- 1,000 mg of Vitamin C with 8-hour release formula - maintains a constant level of Vitamin C in the blood and makes it available to the body whenever it is needed.

    - Provides sustained high defense against sickness that may be brought about by the pressures from work, pollution, germs, infection, smoking and drinking, and even extended exposure to computers that can continuously lower body resistance.




    - The ONLY sugar-coated Vitamin C tablet in the Philippines - to prevent the ascorbic acid from dissolving immediately upon reaching the stomach and also for ease in swallowing.

    - Ideal for people who find it difficult to swallow tablets and for those with gastro-intestinal problems such as stomach acidity.

    - No sour after-taste



    - Suitable for those on a sugar restricted diet (including diabetics and those with cardiac conditions).




    - With its sweet Ponkan flavor, this is a delicious way to supplement your child's diet with the Vitamin C that his body needs.

    - Helps form and repair your child's red blood cells, bones and tissues, helps heal cuts and wounds and strengthens his blood vessels, minimizing bruising from falls and scrapes.

    - Also helps in keeping his gums stay healthy, boosts his immune system, and keeps infections at bay.



    - Essential for your baby's healthy growth and development, it is used in a multitude of functions throughout the body, like helping your baby effectively absorb iron and calcium from his food.




    - Provides an effective way to absorb Vitamin C. Saliva, when mixed with a water-soluble nutrient like Vitamin C, facilitates the breakdown of this nutrient, making it ready for absorption once it reaches the small intestines.

    - Convenient - can be taken anytime, anywhere even withour water.